Confirm forever, Your Word

And now, O Lord GOD, thou art God, and thy words are true, and thou hast promised this good thing to thy servant

2 Samuel:28

When David was settled as King of Israel, he sought to build a House for the Ark of God. A temple for the LORD.

However the LORD informed him through the prophet Nathan that He GOD Himself will be the One to build a legacy for David’s house.

God turned David’s generosity as an opportunity to bless him and establish a covenant with him.

David on his part was full of gratitude. He remembered his humble calling as a shepherd boy, and God’s love for him only filled his heart with praise and thanksgiving.

David was a man of praise!

And as we read in today’s scripture (2 Samuel 7) passage, David praised God for blessing him and asked God to fulfil His Word concerning him.

As we reflect on David’s life, let us also ponder what promises God has made to us.

Let us ask the LORD to fulfil His purpose and Word concerning us and our loved ones.

Jesus says, everyone who asks, receives.


O Holy Father, in Jesus Name, I come before You this day.

Thank You and praise You o LORD God for Your goodness and mercies towards me and my family.

Thank You for Your deliverance and Your mercy.

Thank You for Your loving kindness and faithfulness.

Holy Father, I recall all Your promises towards me in my heart, and I ask that You confirm forever Your Word.

For You o LORD are GOD, and Your Words are true. Therefore o LORD establish Your Word concerning me and my family, establish Your Word concerning Your Church, the Bride of Your Son.

And perfect all that concerns us.

In Jesus Name, we pray.


Always & Forever,

To The Lamb,

With all my ❤

30 Jan 2020

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