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Jesus replied, ‘This is the first:

Listen, Israel, the Lord our God is the one, only Lord, and you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.

The second is this: You must love your neighbour as yourself.

There is no commandment greater than these.’

Mark 12:29-31

The totality of our lives as humans is summed up in love.

The Love God had for us, made Him give His Son freely for us (John 3:16).

And so God in return asks us to simply return this love, to Him and to our neighbours.

I highlight simply because in truth, love is never simple. Love requires sacrifice.

In this time more than ever, we see this reflected in the lives of multiple health workers and carers who are daily putting their own lives at risk, or better still, laying their own lives in sacrifice to serve the needs of their neighbours.

This truly is perfect love!

The kind of love that God wants us to have and live daily in our lives.

Now the world is still, and we’re able to recognize the love others pour into our lives day in and day out.

The troubled times can set two paths for us:

One, a path of worry and anxiety, but we need to beware because this often leads to selfishness and lack of concern of others.

Another, a path of concern with tempered worry. This if we allow God’s Word to take root in our situation will lead to hope and miracles.

God will use us if we choose the second path, to bring healing, life and blessings to the multitudes.

All He’s asking us to do today, is to open our hearts to love Him and love our neighbours.

We can’t do this in our own strength but the help of His Holy Spirit will empower us as we surrender to His grace.

Remember people today are depending on our love and generosity towards them: the sick, the elderly, the vulnerable, little children.

Thank God for the grace of love which we see poured out in multitude of hearts this season.


Lord, I come to You

Let my heart be changed renewed

Flowing from the grace that we’ve found in You. (Song: Power of Your Love by Darlene Zschech).

Father God in faith today, we come before You.

We thank You for Your great love towards us.

You set the perfect example of love, by giving up Your Son to live among us, so that He could show us the true way that leads to You Holy Father.

You didn’t stop there for grace was required to open up the floodgates of Heaven’s glory to us.

So You allowed Your Son to be sacrificed for us as an atonement for our sins.

The blameless One exchanged Himself for us (in ransom to death).

Yet death couldn’t hold Him captive!

And so Your Supreme plan of our salvation was fulfilled when He rose to life from death, destroying the power of sin and death forever, and restoring us into Your Kingdom.

O Righteous, Loving Father with all this, how can we not love You in return!

We surrender our wills unto Yours, as Jesus did.

Because we know You always work something beautiful through Your Will.

Give us the hearts to love.

Bless, protect and reward in this life and in eternity every healthcare worker that is presently laying down their lives to serve their neighbour.

Keep them safe and fill their lives with joy as they see their service rewarded with the healing of those they serve.

Thank You Father for hearing us.

In JESUS Name we pray!


Always & Forever,

To the Lamb,

With all my ❤

20 Mar 2020

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