He will save His people

she will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” When Joseph woke from sleep, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him; he took his wife

Matthew 1:21, 24

Today is the Solemn Feast of St Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster father of Jesus.

In today’s meditation, we reflect on how St Joseph laid down his own ambitions to serve God’s will.

When he learnt that Mary was pregnant, he must have been perplexed by the sudden turn of events.

This caused him to consider divorcing her quietly, so as not to shame her.

However, God had mercy on him and Mary, and sent His holy angel to reveal to him, His holy plan of salvation through Jesus Christ.

In obedience, St Joseph received the message of the angel and accepted Mary as his wife.

Today, there’s so much noise in our world because of the trial we are going through, but we are encouraged now more than ever, to zone into God’s promises.

What is God saying to us in our times?

First, His promise is very clear, that Jesus His Son will save us from our sins.

This is the ultimate promise of the Gospel fulfilled in the life, death and Resurrection of our LORD, Jesus Christ.

We need to hold firmly to this promise, no matter what!

Especially in these difficult moments as we trust God for a Redemptive healing across our world and in our lives, only the power of Jesus’ sacrifice can speak for mercy and blessing on us!

In Romans 4:18, speaking about Abraham, St Paul says that, he (Abraham) “in hope he believed against hope”.

We too need to become like Abraham our father in faith. And like St Joseph through whose confidence in God, God’s promise to Abraham was fulfilled.

Today, let us ask these great fathers of our faith to lift their voices in intercession for us as we pilgrim through life.

Let us also ask for their intercession for God to spare the world from the chaos and every affliction of sin, virus and disease.

By the power of God’s Holy Spirit, Whom He has poured into our hearts, we too hope against hope, and trust that speedily God will bring a complete end to the terror of every evil affliction in our lands.

And restore us again in His great compassion and mercy!


LORD Jesus, I cry out to You asking for Your mercy!

LORD have mercy on us for we have sinned against You, we have despised the Blood of our Redemption and trusted in our own ways.

Now LORD, our own ways fail us completely and we are left shame faced.

But You o God Who are full of compassion and tenderness, have mercy on us!

We are mere babes o God, and the rebellion of our hearts is as nothing in comparison to Your love for us.

So Father we ask that today, You surround us completely in Your love.

Keep us safe from every evil in Your Divine, Almighty protection and care.

Bless every one who is struggling with affliction to be healed immediately by Your mercy.

Bring and shower Redemptive rain of healing upon the entire earth for You alone are Redeemer of the world.

Your Blood shed for us, and sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary as our Paschal Lamb, can never be in vain in our lives here on earth, and in eternity with You!

Yes LORD, we hope against hope, for You Alone are the source and fountain of all hope, and all life, and all healing, and all blessings.

Thank You for Your promise of restoration to us.

And now humbly but audaciously trusting in Your mercy, uniting with St Joseph and Mary (Your dear Mother), I ask that You o God of Hosts, release Your holy angel upon the earth to stop completely the hand of affliction that has risen up against it.

Let Your angel o God, and angelic hosts, bring Divine Light, Healing, Protection and Peace unto us all.

Thank YOU JESUS for answering our petitions as we offer them all up to the Father in Your Most Holy Name.


Always & Forever,

To the Lamb,

With all my ❤

19 Mar 2020

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