The Paraclete

When the Paraclete comes, whom I shall send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who issues from the Father, he will be my witness.

John 15:26

Multiple times in the Gospel of St John, the LORD Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as the Paraclete and the Spirit of truth.

Today, we read this once again.

Jesus calls the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, Whom He will send and Who issues forth from the Father.

The role of the Holy Spirit is to witness to Jesus. To be a witness means to tell about what You have seen and heard. To state the facts.

In Christan terms, to witness is to tell other about Jesus; Who He is, what we have seen Him do and say, Who He proclaims to be, reliving the experience of His works and power and Presence and Person.

How can the Holy Spirit witness to Jesus?

In our lives, the Holy Spirit witnesses to Jesus, by making Jesus a living Person in our lives.

Jesus is not dead. Jesus is alive!

Jesus Christ lives! The witness of the Holy Spirit about Jesus, is His Resurrection story!

The witness of the Holy Spirit about Jesus in our lives is His Resurrection glory!

Our Saviour lives! He conquered death. He Who never sinned, was slain as the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world.

Yet, He rose from the dead and He lives forever!

Even better still, He has opened up Heaven for us so that we can share His glory by living with Him and His Father forever.

This is the witness of the Holy Spirit about Jesus to us and to the entire world.

Jesus Christ has conquered the fallen power of this world, and given us the victory of His Resurrected life – to live now!

Oh that the Holy Spirit will witness to Jesus more and more abundantly in my life! In your life! In Christ’s Church and in God’s world!


Paraclete! Spirit of truth! Witness of our LORD Jesus Christ!

Holy Spirit sent by Jesus! Holy Spirit Who issues forth from the Father!

We need You!

Witness to us o Holy Spirit of Jesus, witness to us of Jesus.

Now, here, and always (every moment), please witness to me about Jesus.

I cannot be a Christian without witnessing about Jesus.

But how can I witness to Jesus, without Your witness to me of Jesus.

O yes LORD, You’ve witnessed to me so so so many times of my Saviour and yet I am not satisfied; I thirst and hunger and long for more… I want more LORD.

I desire more, to know Jesus even deeper.

May I never be filled but continue to drink deeper and deeper into Your unending witness.

And as You witness to me, Holy Spirit of God, witness through me to my family, to the Church and to the world, for this purpose the Father sent me too.

Come Holy Spirit of truth, come now, come as You wish.


Always & Forever,

To the Lamb,

With all my ❤

17 May 2020

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