The Holy Spirit decides

It has been decided by the Holy Spirit and by ourselves not to impose on you any burden beyond these essentials:

Acts 15:28

I get stirred up in my spirit, every time I read this verse of Scripture.

I find it so marvelling that the Apostles and elders of the early Church could definitively say that a decision they had made was the decision of the Holy Spirit.

For them to have made this statement means that they must have heard clearly from God and were 100% sure that their decision is God’s will.

How awesome is this?

If we think about our own lives, won’t it be so assuring to know that most, if not all the decisions we took were 100% the will of God?

So how is it that the Apostles and elders were able to confidently make this statement?

They had sought the LORD in prayer.

Considering the weight of the burden that they had to make (as this decision was around circumcision which God Himself, gave Abraham as a covenant to keep), I am certain that they cried and sought God with everything they had.

They clearly understood that God alone had the right to establish a new form of obedience for Christian living, and without Him, they couldn’t make a decision.

I sense that it was during this period of seeking God for clarity about the covenant of circumcision, that the Holy Spirit revealed to them that the new covenant of Baptism in the LORD Jesus Christ, replaces the old covenant of circumcision.

St Paul expresses this clearly in Colossians 2:11-12.

The key lesson for me here, is the power of seeking God diligently in prayer.

But as I write this, I begin to see that it goes beyond that even – it’s about seeking God diligently in prayer, with one heart and mind, as a community of God.

This is something that we as the Body of Christ are losing, and need to humbly ask God to restore.

Even when we gather as a community of believers the enemy tries to put suspicion, envy and jealousy into our hearts, so that we’re not able to effectively be in communion with each other.

Oh! that the Holy Spirit of God would break down the visible and invisible walls of division that exists in our hearts, minds and churches.

We are God’s people – one people united to Him through the Blood of Jesus CHRIST His Son!

He is the sole Head of the Church – and the Church belongs to no one else.

The Holy Spirit is indeed the Spirit of Truth as Jesus revealed before His departure back to the Father, and as we rely on Him, He will lead us into all truth.


Holy Spirit of God, we come to You today as the family of God.

Spirit of the Living God, we implore Your mercy.

Have mercy on us o GOD, for neglecting You in our lives.

We’ve trusted in our own ways, making decisions that have left us stranded or led us astray.

So now o LORD, we seek Your mercy as we turn back to YOU.

We ask for Your grace to always be united with You.

I dare not rely on my strength for this, for that would be foolish – so I rely completely upon Your love to bestow upon me this grace (and all such that I need throughout my life) as that is my only hope.

Who can discern the will of God, without You Divine Spirit of Wisdom.

So come Most Holy Spirit of God!

Come now, come as You wish.


Always & Forever,

To the Lamb,

With all my ❤

15 May 2020

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