Obedience to the Holy Spirit

They travelled through Phrygia and the Galatian country, because they had been told by the Holy Spirit not to preach the word in Asia.

When they reached the frontier of Mysia they tried to go into Bithynia, but as the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them,

Acts 16:6-7

Living and walking in the Spirit of God, is the ultimate meaning of being a Christian.

Jesus, before He went back to the Father, on the night of the Last Supper said to His disciples: it is better for you that I go, because if I do not go, the Spirit cannot come.

He said this to them, at the time when their hearts were deeply distressed as He talked to them about His betrayal that night, and death, and His returning back to the Father.

In other words, He was leaving them and things would no longer be the same for them.

I find it so amazing then that He promises them that His leaving them is for their good.

Why? He explains why: so that the Spirit can come to them; and when He comes, He would remind the disciples of all that Jesus has said, and lead them into all truth.


This means that the entirety of Jesus’ ministry was not only to teach us about the Father, and deliver us from sin and death by His own death and Resurrection; but it also was to prepare us, His Church, for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Most times as Christians we focus on the first and second facts, and forget about the third fact.

But they are all intertwined.

The truth is that without the Spirit of God, we cannot attain all the graces that Jesus has won for us by His death and Resurrection, and we certainly cannot fully comprehend the depth of the Father’s Kingdom without the Holy Spirit.

Why? Because of our flesh.

The flesh has to be crucified with Christ, and allow the Spirit of God to prevail.

Remember Jesus said to Nicodemus, “it is the Spirit that gives life, the flesh is of no help at all. The words that I have spoken to You are Spirit and life” (John 6:63).

As Christians, we should be desperate for the Holy Spirit!


If Jesus knew it was important that He returned to the Father to send the Spirit to us, for our good, then we should be eager and excited at receiving the Holy Spirit.

The early disciples were only able to accomplish great things in the Name of God, winning souls for His Kingdom, because they were completely united to the Holy Spirit.

They lived, walked and worked with the Holy Spirit.

He instructed their every path and they obeyed.

Today, let us ask for the grace of complete union with the Holy Spirit and total obedience to His will.


Holy Spirit, unite me completely to You, my God!

I am desperate for You more than ever before!

Come Spirit Divine and make me totally Your own.

Instruct me, lead me, guide me, guard me, defend me, love me and heal me.

Strengthen me and empower me – for apart from You, Holy Spirit, I can do nothing good.

Take complete control of all my heart’s desires and unite them perfectly to the Father’s will.

Let the graces and gifts of the Father’s Kingdom, obtained for me through the Blood of Jesus His Son, be bestowed upon my life this day, and never depart from me.

I pray for all those who would read this, or hear Your Word, that Your love would resound in their ears and hearts and echoing eternally, lead us all into Your Eternal Presence.

Thank You God for hearing us and answering us.


Always & Forever,

To the Lamb,

With all my ❤

16 May 2020

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