Don’t begrudge God’s generosity

Have I no right to do what I like with my own? Why should you be envious because I am generous?

Matthew 20:15

Today’s Bible quote is from the parable of the workers in the vineyard. In this parable, there was a landowner who made agreements with some workers to work in his vineyard and he would pay them one denarius.

He employed the first workers early in the morning around 6am and through out the day, he kept on employing more workers up until 5pm.

At 6pm, he paid the wages as he promised starting with the last hired at 5pm, whom he also paid one denarius.

So, the workers who were hired earlier at 6am were grudging his generosity to the others.

This message shows us that the grace of God is abundant to all.

Think of it this way, a sinner who repents at the last hour before death will get the same reward of Heaven as the child of God who has faithfully served Him for many years.

Heaven’s blessings are without reserve!

Even here on earth, God’s blessings for those who faithfully walk and serve Him in love as a Faithful Father is without reserve.

I use the term, Faithful Father, because sometimes what stops us from receiving freely and abundantly from God is not the lack of graciousness or generosity on His part – today’s Gospel clearly shows us that He is abundantly generous.

Sometimes, what stops us from receiving abundantly is our mindset or heart set towards Him.

Are we convinced that He is super abundantly generous to us?

And if we are, are we grudging His generosity to others?

The moment we allow the Holy Spirit open our eyes and hearts and minds to God’s abundant generosity, and allow Him heal us of any grudge or envy we have in our hearts or minds towards His generosity to others, our lives will be totally transformed and open to receive from His abundance.

Just thinking about it makes me excited!

What could God possibly have in store for me? Whatever they are, I am willing and ready NOW to receive them all, through the healing power and work of His Holy Spirit.


Dear Holy Spirit, come anew into my heart and mind and soul, and heal me.

Forgive me LORD for doubting Your generosity and abundance.

Forgive me Father for grudging Your generosity and merciful love towards others.

Father, here I am, repentant through the Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ, asking for Your mercy and deepest restoration.

Yes, Holy Father heal the depths of my mind and soul where I have placed limits to Your generosity in my life.

Forgive me LORD for using wordly measures to compare Your ability to generously provide for me.

Manifest Your benevolent mercy and abundant generosity in my life.

That I may rejoice all my days in the super abundant love of You, my Father towards me.

For all You have done already, and God You have been soooo good, I say “THANK YOU!”

For all You are doing, I say “Yes and Amen! Thank You Lord!”

And for all You will do Holy Father, I agree with Your plans and purposes and blessings and provision, and say, “Yes, thank You Father, I receive all in Jesus Name!”


Always & Forever,

To the Lamb,

With all my heart.

19 Aug 2020

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