Settle with your brother

…first be reconciled to your brother, then come and offer your gift. – Mt 5: 24

Dear Lord Jesus,

Good morning Lord! It’s good to arise today to Your Love and Your mercy.

It feels awesome Blessed Redeemer to sit at Your table and have a conversation with You.

I imagine myself Lord, as one of Your disciples on the Mount to whom You gave this sermon (as recorded in Matt 5).

As I listen Lord, I realise that Your words which initially seem hard and strong are actually gently, sweet and refreshing.

Rather than make me fear because of my weakness and failure to keep Your words, listening to you, now makes me realise that it is because of my weaknesses that I should have courage and trust to fall upon Your Love!

And so Lord Jesus, this morning I come. I present myself to You just as I am, with all my failings and hardness of heart and I fall into Your embrace.

For how else can I be saved from myself if not by falling upon Your mercy.

Let the ocean of Your  Divine Mercy o Lord, flood my life, wash me, purify me, strengthen me and heal me.

That as I receive full reconciliation again with You and the Father, by the Power of Your Holy Spirit, I may be renewed to keep Your words and be reconciled to my brother. Amen!

Thank You Lord for Your saving Grace. Amen.


Always and Forever,

To The Lamb.

With all my ?



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