One Prince for them all

Thus says the Lord GOD:

I will take the children of Israel from among the nations

to which they have come,

and gather them from all sides to bring them back to their land.

I will make them one nation upon the land,

in the mountains of Israel,

and there shall be one prince for them all.

Never again shall they be two nations,

and never again shall they be divided into two kingdoms.

Ezekiel 37:21-22

Today as I read the Mass readings, the theme of unity is especially compelling.

In the time of the prophet Ezekiel, the people of Israel were split into two nations: Judah and Israel.

God promised through Ezekiel that He would bring unity to amongst His people and set one prince to reign over them all.

As I meditate on what this message of unity looks like today in our world, I’m grateful that in our time, this covenant promise of God is already fulfilled in our LORD Jesus Christ.

He is the one Prince for us all. Who has reconciled us to the Heavenly Kingdom and as the holy nation unto His Father, God.

In our time also, this message of unity should be demonstrated amongst Christians firstly, and amongst all tribes and tongues and nations on earth.

We are truly one family under God.

The cords of division has been broken, as St Paul says,

Christ is our peace Who has broken the dividing wall (Ephesians 2:14).

The path to peace can only be achieved by breaking down barriers.

In Christ Jesus our LORD, we have the strength and victory to fulfil and accomplish this in our hearts, in our families, in our churches and in our world.


Most loving Saviour, You are our peace and prince Who rules over us all.

Indeed Your Name is, Prince of Peace.

Today LORD Jesus, we ask You to bless our world with Your peace.

Break down the barriers that we have raised in our lives that prevent Your peace to flow freely into our hearts and lives.

Fill us again we pray o LORD and by the Power of Your Holy Spirit as we surrender our lives completely to You, reign supreme as Prince of Peace over us.

Bringing us together as one flock under You who are our one Shepherd.


Always & Forever,

To the Lamb,

With all my love.

04 Apr 2020

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