Make them one

I am no longer in the world, but they are in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, keep those you have given me true to your name, so that they may be one like us.

John 17:11

Jesus offered this prayer to His Heavenly Father on the night of the Last Supper.

This was the last night that He was going to spend with them before His death on the Cross.

His prayer for His disciples was that they may be one.

He prayed not only for His disciples but for all those who would believe in Him through their words (all Christians); that they may be one.

This prayer referred to by the Church as the High Priestly prayer of Jesus, is so important in our times.

There are so many Christian denominations and churches – and while we give glory to GOD for the spread of His Word, we also humbly acknowledge that in many situations this has created confusion and lack of unity.

When we don’t agree with how things are done in our church, or parish or diocese, how do we react?

Do we up and leave? Or do we stay and pray, as well as correct any wrongdoing?

Of course there’s no reason to stay if what’s being taught (e.g. as doctrine) is fundamentally in conflict with the Gospel of Christ.

The LORD laid it in my heart a while ago, that when we rebel against His Church by breaking away, we are essentially saying that we are better than others in His Church.

However when we see sin or sloth or dullness, and seek repentance and conversion of the Church as part of our responsibility, whilst remaining in His Church, then we acknowledge that we too are sinners who are only saved by mercy!

The unfailing mercy of God.

Today, let us all return to God asking for His unfailing mercy and love, and for unity in His Body.

That we may be one as He calls us to.



LORD Jesus, You are the Head of Your Church.

And in Your great love and mercy, You have given it to us.

What is even more comforting LORD is that we, unworthy sinners, You have called to be Your Church; Your Bride; Your Body.

Oh how we love You LORD and how awesome is Your love for us.

I worship You today and ask Your mercy for the many times I’ve broken down the bonds of unity in Your Church.

When I’ve criticised other brothers and sisters and denominations and practices.

Forgive me LORD, I am truly sorry.

Pierce me through with Your love and Your ardent desire for unity in Your Body.

For surely as You are Head of the Church, there can only be one Body.

I offer my life to You for the purpose for which You have called me.

Praise Your Holy Name and give me the grace to be filled with Your spirit of love and peace.


Always & Forever,

To the Lamb,

With all my ❤

24 May 2020

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