God is our existence

Since it is in him that we live, and move, and exist, as indeed some of your own writers have said: We are all his children.

Acts 17:28

God is the sole source of our existence.

He willed us into existence, created us by His Word, formed us by His power and breathed life into us by His Spirit.

He made us in His own image and likeness as proclaimed in Genesis 1:26.

So our entire self and being not only proceeds from Him, but is also sustained in Him.

Even more so, God proved Himself truly our Father by sending His Son to die for us and reconcile us to Himself.

This is the key distinct nature of our calling and being that sets us apart from all other creatures.

First that He created us in His image; and then that after we sinned and disobeyed His Fatherhood, that He sent His Son to shed His Blood for us.

He also has prepared a place for us in His Heavenly Kingdom that we may live and reign with Him forever.

Truly God’s love to us is marvellous!


This is the day that the LORD has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

God You are awesome and marvellous and Your love is never ending.

Your goodness surpasses all that we would ever imagine, because You are good.

Your very nature is goodness.

Oh Holy Father, fill us today with Your goodness.

With Your unending, everlasting kindness, tender compassion, faithful protection and mercy.

Yes LORD, this day, come to us and surround us with Your glory as a shield.

Defend us from every evil and envelope us in Your loving kindness.

Let the Blood of Jesus Jesus Christ, Your Son, wash us clean, cover our lives and homes and keep us under the shadow of Your wings.

Thank You o God for we know that as we have prayed, You have heard us.

Thank You for answering our prayers.

We let go of everything and we let You our all powerful God have Your way.


Always & Forever,

To the Lamb,

With all my ❤

20 May 2020

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