I adore You profoundly

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Most Holy Trinity

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

I adore You profoundly

I offer You the most precious

Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity

Of Jesus Christ present

In all the tabernacles of the earth

And in union with Mary

Mother of our Saviour

Our souls rejoice and worship You

Yes Lord, my soul rejoices

And worships You

My spirit rejoices in You

O God, my God.


With all the host of Heaven

I bow down my humble knees

And I worship You


I re-call all Your goodness, o Lord

And I sing with heartfelt thanks

As I worship You


For You God are kind, and merciful

So it’s with a grateful heart

That I worship You


May my soul rejoice and worship You

All the days of my earthly life

Till I see Your Face.




Always and Forever,

To The Lamb.

With all my love ?



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