A New Dawn in Christ

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“He is passing by!”

Jesus is passing by…

I heard the people say

He is passing by my way

Oh, can I see His Face?

Oh, how I need His grace?

I will run the race

Ahead to keep up pace

And maybe I’ll find a place

Where I can get some space

To watch Him as He walks along my way.


He came closer and closer

And my heart beat

And missed some skips

And how I longed

To be much closer

To reach to Him

And be with Him

But I dare not think

That such a King

Could feel my pain

Could call my name

But I was wrong

As He walked along

He stopped at once

And He called me on


He called my name

And then He looked at me

And I was lost

For my misery

Was melting away

As I saw His Face

And my heart filled

With great peace

I’m here my Lord

I am here Jesus

I cried out loud

As I jumped out to reach Him

He took my hand

And pulled me up

And embrace me

And all seemed still

So yes my King

He gave me grace

To see His Face

To walk with Him

To be one with Him

To begin again

And His Love

I’ve been redeemed.

Only by His Love, do I still now live



Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit

As it was in the beginning, it is now, and it ever shall be world without end.



To the Lamb

With all my love

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