He will save our children

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With justice, he will judge the poor of the people, he will save the children of the needy and crush their oppressors.

Psalm 72:3-4

7 In his days uprightness shall flourish, and peace in plenty till the moon is no more.

8 His empire shall stretch from sea to sea, from the river to the limits of the earth.

17 May his name be blessed for ever, and endure in the sight of the sun. In him shall be blessed every race in the world, and all nations call him blessed.

Psalm 72:7-8, 17

He has promised He will never fail. GOD’s faithfulness is forevermore!

This promise of God from today’s psalm has filled my heart with such peace and assurance.

As parents, we’re often concerned about the welfare of our children. Especially at times when we lack clarity of direction on how to guide them or even more, feel totally helpless in ourselves to help them.

At such times, we turn and cry out to God to show our children mercy and rescue them.

So verse 4 of this psalm 72, is such a great consolation because God promises us that He, Himself, will save the children of the needy and crush their oppressors.




The fulfillment of His Word and faithfulness to all His promises is further revealed in this psalm which prophesied about the Messiah.

Jesus is the One Whose empire stretches from sea to sea. Whose name is blessed forever; in Whom every race in the world is blessed, and all nations call blessed!


Oh, what a mighty GOD we serve.

Oh, what a mighty GOD is our Father!

Oh, what a mighty GOD is our Saviour!


Holy and Mighty God, we worship You!

You are worthy of all our thanksgiving, praise, and worship, and we give all to You!

We exalt You, O LORD for Your faithfulness and gracious love!

Thank You that Your eyes are always unto us for mercy.

We surrender our children into Your Hands for You are the most loving, most able Father Who will care for them.

And we also come as Your children and surrender our lives into Your Hands. Take us and use us for Your good pleasure. Amen!

Thank You Faithful God!


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