Beginning with God

Yahweh spoke to Moses and said,

23 ‘Speak to Aaron and his sons and say: “This is how you must bless the Israelites. You will say:

24 May Yahweh bless you and keep you.

25 May Yahweh let his face shine on you and be gracious to you.

26 May Yahweh show you his face and bring you peace.”

27 This is how they must call down my name on the Israelites, and then I shall bless them.’

Numbers 6:22-27

Father, thank You so much for this new year.

As we start this year 2022, we begin anew with You, God.

We have this confidence to begin anew and expect fresh blessings from You for Your Word says that Your steadfast love never ceases and Your mercies… are new every morning.

So Father, this new year, 2022, do something new within us and in us and through us.

We completely drop all the negative, evil patterns of the past and wholly embrace Your newness, Your tender love and Your compassion o Jesus, our Redeemer.

Show us Your mercy o God, be gracious and bless us and grant us Your saving help. Amen!

Jesus, I trust in You!

Mother Mary, Mother of our LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ, this year we ask for astounding miracles from God’s Throne of Grace may mercy cover us and establish us in the greatness of God’s Divine purpose for our lives. Amen!

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