Salt of the earth

You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how shall it’s saltiness be restored? – Matthew 5: 13


Lord Jesus, today as I ponder on Your Word, I want to ask You a direct question.

“What does it mean to be salt of the earth?”

Lord, for many years I’ve pondered this message, a lot of times even I have thought or possibly even grasped the meaning of it.

But today Lord as I ponder on Your Word, I am struggling. I am really struggling to under stand what You mean when You say that I am the salt of the earth.

How am I the salt of the earth, Lord?

What do You mean?

How is it relevant in my life, today?

Please help me Lord, to truly understand and grasped Your message that it may bear forth fruit in my life in abundance IN JESUS NAME! 


Always & Forever,

To The Lamb 

With all my ❤

08 Aug 2019

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