My heart clings to Thee

On my bed when I think of you, I muse on you in the watches of the night, 8 my heart clings to you, your right hand supports me.

Psalm 63:6, 8

The verses of this psalm are such a delight.

I particularly like this translation in verse 6 that uses the word muse. “I muse on You…”

To muse is similar to ponder. But the older interpretation of this word means (to) wonder and marvel.

Isn’t this what happens to us when we think about God.

When we set our hearts on Him and ponder on Who He is, how great is His love, what He has done, the promises He has made to us!

The magnificent glory of God is breathtaking!

Imagine Scriptures recount that when the Queen of Sheba saw the wisdom of Solomon and all the glory that accompanied everything he did, and everything around him, there was no more Spirit left in her. (1 Kings 10:4-5)

If this is true of King Solomon because God gave him wisdom, how much more true is this about the King of kings and the Incarnate Wisdom – Jesus Christ our Saviour!

O the magnificent love and power of God.

No wonder, our hearts cling to Him.

And we have the sure guarantee that as our hearts cling to Him, His Right Hand upholds us.



God, You are good and Your mercy is forever! Alleluia!!!

As we meditate and muse on You LORD, our hearts swell with so much joy and love.

Surely, this depth of joy we feel is a gift of Your Holy Spirit – our Helper and Consoler and Comforter and Friend.

Yes, the Holy Spirit is our best and truest Friend. And how we love Him and adore Him for His endless faithful love towards us.

He always draws us, closer, deeper, truer in love with You, Jesus.

You, who are our soul’s sole desire!

We ask for more of Your Holy Spirit, o LORD!

You are the One Who baptises with the Holy Spirit and with Fire!

Baptise us now anew LORD Jesus with Your Holy Spirit and Fire!!! We need a new deeper, fresher anointing of Your Holy Spirit!

And there is newness, every morning with You LORD Jesus!

So we welcome Your loving Presence in our hearts and lives this day LORD Jesus, with our Eternal Father and the Holy Spirit Divine.


Always & Forever,

To the Lamb,

With all my ❤

22 July 2020

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