God’s promise of Restoration

To Judah See on the mountains the feet of the herald! ‘Peace!’ he proclaims. Judah, celebrate your feasts, carry out your vows, for Belial will never pass through you again; he has been utterly destroyed. 3 (For Yahweh has restored the vine of Jacob, yes, the vine of Israel, although the plunderers had plundered them, although they had snapped off their vine-shoots!)

Nahum 2:1,3

Oh what consolation fills my heart today as I read these words of scripture.

My heart rejoices at the Promise of God to restore and bring peace to us, His people.

If you are like me, then this message of peace and restoration is timely and personal.

We have been through so much and need God’s message of consolation and visitation.

Indeed His clear message that never again would the wicked come against us is an immense consolation.

God alone is good and kind to us and benevolent to us in all our ways.

He alone redeems our life from the pit and crowns us with love and mercy.

We thank Him for His remembrance upon our lives today.

As the Bible says, we confess that today, the Book of Rememberance has been opened before God our Father Almighty, and God has remembered us!

Yes, God has remembered us – even though He has never taken His eye off us.

It simply means that today, God has created and established a new covenant of blessing with us, through His word.

And we receive it!

I receive it today for myself, for my family and all my loved ones and all God’s people everywhere and for you!

And I pray that God Who has sent forth His Word into our lives this day will hasten the performance of His promises, quickly, without delay let them begin to be manifested today until their fullness in the mighty Name of Jesus! Amen.

Then it shall be mightily known throughout the ends of the earth that we are indeed a people that the LORD God Almighty has blessed and that Jesus is alive!!!


Lord Jesus You are our great High Priest.

You have laid down Your life as the eternal sacrifice to our Father, as the covenant of peace and blessing to us.

Today as we hear Your Word and remember Your Sacrifice on Calvary, we unite with all You have said and done for us and say, “Yes and Amen!”

“Yes and Amen!” Lord to all Your promises.

We are excited to receive them and declare them.

With Mary our Mother, Your Handmaid, we say, “Let it be done unto me according to Your Word.”


Always & Forever,

To the Lamb,

With all my

07 Aug 2020

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