Give a mighty shout

When the ark of the covenant of the LORD came into the camp, all Israel gave a mighty shout, so that the earth resounded. 

1 Samuel 4:5

The Israelites were being persecuted in war by the Philistines and gave a mighty shout of praise on seeing the Ark of the Covenant – the praise was so loud that the earth resounded.

This episode reminds me of Acts 4:30

In the book of acts we see that the disciples were persecuted and they raised their voice to the LORD to save them and demonstrate wonders in the name of Jesus.

After their prayers the earth trembled, and they were all filled with the Holy spirit.

Similarly Paul and Silas (Acts 16: 25-26) when they were persecuted and in prison at midnight raised their voices in prayer and singing and suddenly there was a violent earthquake that rocked the foundations of the prison and all the chains of the prisoners came loose.

How awesome is the sound of praise and prayer!

Today let us give a mighty SHOUT out to the LORD!


O Holy Father how awesome is Your Power.

Today o God I give a mighty shout of praise for all You have done!!!

I rejoice in Your excellence o LORD my GOD!

I rejoice for Your great power and mercy!

I thank You for Your deliverance and purpose that You have fulfilled in my life and those of my loved ones, and Your people everywhere.

How awesome are You o God in power, and glory!

Alleluia! Alleluia!! Alleluia!!!

Praise You o LORD my GOD!!!

Always & Forever,

To The Lamb,

With all my ❤

16 Jan 2020

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