Day of Favour

Thus says the LORD:
In a time of favor I answer you,
on the day of salvation I help you;…

They shall not hunger or thirst,
nor shall the scorching wind or the sun strike them;
For he who pities them leads them
and guides them beside springs of water. – Isaiah 49: 8, 10


As I reflect this morning on the readings from Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent, I am encouraged by God’s promise of favour, as revealed in the book of Isaiah.

Lent is a time when as the Church of God, we pray and seek the Lord’s Face, especially for the forgiveness of our wrongdoings.

We trust that as we repent and ask for grace from Him, the Lord will come to our aid.

However, sometimes through the rigour and discipline of Lent, especially at the times when the Holy Spirit reveals the true state of our sinful souls, we can feel far from grace.

Ironically, those are actually times of grace, when the Holy Spirit shows us who we really are, in order to transform us to become truly like Christ, our Master and Saviour.

Personally, since Lent started, I’ve been experiencing challenges to my once ‘happy state’ of spiritual consolation.

It feels to me that the Lord is gently but firmly purifying me.

I confess that in recent years, I’ve gone through a trial of fire with regards to my faith, that this season of Lent, I’m sincerely asking the Lord that He doesn’t let these challenges I’m beginning to experience, escalate.

So today, I’m deeply encouraged to be reminded this morning by the Lord, that He hears (my heart’s cry) and will grant me favour.

I am encouraged by His assurance that this is my time of favour, when He will answer me, and this is my day of salvation, when He will help me.

As we reflect on the readings for today, let our hearts take courage in the Lord our God, for His is merciful, to answer us, show us His unfailing love, grant us His favour and saving help.


Merciful Lord, I rejoice in Your promise to us this morning, that this is the time of favour when You will answer us, and this is the day of salvation, when You will help us.

Lord search us deeply, every aspect of our hearts.

You know our innermost thoughts and desires, those buried so deep within that our mouths cannot begin to speak of them.

Please God of favour, answer us and grant our desires, in accordance to Your will for our lives, and all those for whom we pray.

We need Your help, demonstrated powerfully in our lives today.

So please show us Your unfailing love, so that before we call, You have answered, and while we are yet speaking, You will hear.

Let us sing abundantly of our experience of Your mercy and grace in our lives today and forever.

Thank You Father, for the working of miracles in our lives today.

With expectant faith Father, we receive Your favour and help.

In Jesus Name.



Always & Forever,

To The Lamb.

With all my love.


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