David is anointed King

 …they anointed David king over Israel. David was thirty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned forty years. 

And David became greater and greater, for the LORD, the God of hosts, was with him.

2 Samuel 5:3-4, 10

King David began to reign when he was thirty years old. As we reflected in a reading from a few days ago, David refused to self install himself as King over Isarael even when he had the opportunity to do so.

Instead he decided to wait on God’s timing.

Today we see God’s timing being fulfilled in the life of David.

While he was at Hebron with a few companions, all the elders of Israel, following the death of King Saul in a battle, came to David and asked him to reign as King over them.

It would surprise you maybe to hear that when David learnt about the death of Saul, he wept and mourned bitterly for him.

Reflecting on the heart of David, it is easy to see why the LORD called him, a man after his own heart.

For us as Christians, and those seeking God in a new way, today is a time to reflect on the state of our hearts.

Are we like David, patient and trusting God’s will and purpose for our lives will be fulfilled?

Do we rest in the loving embrace of our God, because we know He carries us and will always care for us?

Do we rely heavily, completely in God’s marvellous timing in all things or do we fret and fuss and complain that He is slow to answer our prayers or accomplish His work?

I confess that I am 100% faulty in the last examination of conscience.

I’ve been fretful, anxious, doubting and complaining for years because I’ve felt that certain prayers have not been speedily answered.

Today I accept God’s conviction upon my heart and I ask for mercy and power from on high to set my heart right again with God.



Holy God, You are truly an amazing Father.

When we think we have it all together, You enlighten our hearts with the fire of Your Divine love and show us that there is more!

There is so much more to us becoming perfect and becoming people after Your own heart.

Today LORD, I especially confess my faithlessness, anxiety, sadness and mistrust in You and Your Word.

You’ve given me Your sure promises as You did in Your mercy to David, forgive me LORD for doubting them.

My hearts pleads and cries out for Mercy!

Have mercy on me LORD, have mercy on me, for I have sinned against You and deeply grieved Your heart and I AM SORRY, LORD!

I begin again today not by power or might of my own, but trusting completely in the Power of Your Holy Spirit to save and help me.

Come Holy Spirit, be my guide and my help and thank You so much for convicting me of sin and leading me on the path that leads to eternal life – that delights the heart of my Father.


Always & Forever,

To The Lamb,

With all my ❤

27 Jan 2020

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