You did it to me

‘Amen, I say to you, whatever you did
for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.

In today’s gospel reading Lord Jesus, You show us how You would judge the world at the end of time.

You talk about when you would come in Your glory with all Your angels and sit on Your glorious throne with all the people of the earth gathered before You.

And then, You would begin to seperate the sheep from the goats, with the sheep on Your right and the goats on Your left. 

Pondering on the words ‘sheep’ and ‘goats’, it hit me very clearly – and possibly for the first time too – that the criteria for your separation is ‘obedience’.

Sheep are meek animals who simply obey their master’s commands because they trust him, and follow him wherever he leads.

Goats on the other hand, can be stubborn self-willed animals who often like to find their own ways and do their own things.

Lord, which one am I? Am I a goat or a sheep?

I pray that I am a sheep Lord, but if not, show me how I need to change beginning today, and help me to make that change one day at a time – until I see Your Face.

And now Lord, I ponder on the rest of Your words, “‘Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Your words can never fail Lord, and when You start speaking by saying, “Amen”, it is an even deeper seal of Your promise.

So today as I ponder Your promise, which You would surely fulfil, I ask Lord for a changed heart.

A changed heart to:

Give food to the hungry

Give drink to the thirsty

Welcome the stranger

Clothe the naked

Visit the sick and those in prison

Please help me start today Lord, with the person nearest me. Amen.


Always and Forever,

To The Lamb

With all my love.



Whatsoever you do to the least of my people

That you do unto me

When I was hungry you gave me to eat

When I was thirsty you gave me to drink

Now enter into the Home of My Father – Willard Francis Jabusch

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